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Anthony Garcellano
Environment Artist

skype agarcellano


Work Featured

Polycount Profile Polycount, Monthly Recap, February 2017 – Rainbow Six Siege Fan Art Scene

Artstation ProfileArtStation, Picks Section, 2015Undertaker’s Throne & Tileable Rock Wall Materials | Sculpt/Paint



Environment Artist
Hardsuit Labs, 
May 2017 – Present – Seattle, WA

Freelance Environment Artist
Dinosaur Games, April 2017 – May 2017 Austin, TX
Two-week task on texturing the interior of a vehicle for a VR title.
Created a few props to place inside the vehicle.

Threat Tec LLC, 
February 2017 – March 2017 – Hampton, VA
Working on environment assets for a military training simulation.
Creating modular sets of buildings to stack and connect in Unity.

Namazu Studios, October 2016 – January 2017 – San Diego, CA
Created environment assets and props for an upcoming cyberpunk PC/console title.
Cleaned up and modifying existing assets to fit within the style of the game.
Applied the assets in the latest build to test/review, using Unity 5, Bitbucket, and Jira.

Dinosaur Games, September 2016 – Austin, TX
Worked on the View Dynamic Glass VR Demo, for Groove Jones.
Created realistic props for two offices that was developed in Unreal Engine 4.
Cleaned up and optimized existing assets/textures to fit within the project.

Boss Key Productions, August 2016 – Raleigh, NC
Created an in-game asset for the upcoming PC game LawBreakers.
Gave updates to the Outsource Art Manager for review and feedback.

XYZ Graphics, May 2016 – June 2016 San Francisco, CA
Mesh cleanup and retopology on car parts for an automotive project.
Made sure the topology read correctly for the high-poly meshes, and heavily used quads.

Arch Virtual, April 2016 – Madison, WI
UV Mapping and mesh clean-up on low poly models, used for architectural project.

Adayana Government Group – Urbana, IL
Game Artist II, October 2014 – January 2016
Modeled hard-surface parts used in vehicles/aircrafts for military training simulations.
Used NGRAIN to create animations, tutorials, and have models viewable for clients.
Reviewed outsourced assets and documented any issues for the Outsource team.
Participated in a photo-reference gathering at a military base in Tacoma, WA.

Legend 3DCarlsbad, CA
Stereo Compositing Artist, September 2010 – February 2014
Converted 2D films to stereoscopic 3D using proprietary software and Nuke.
Applying updated techniques in compositing; painting, rotoscoping, color correction, etc.
Additional Work: Coke Zero Commercial (2013), Mortal Kombat Legacy: Season 2 Trailer
IMDB Profile

Armistice Games Middletown, NY
Freelance 3D Artist, October 2009 – October 2011
Created WWI aircrafts for the Aerodrome Series, a series of games for the iPhone/iOS.
Tested the games for major bugs or errors in the gameplay and graphics.
Titles: SPA 124th (June 2010), Crosses vs Cockades, The Red Baron, Vin Fiz

Sony Computer Entertainment America San Diego, CA
Game Test Analyst via Nelson Staffing,  November 2009 – August 2010
Performed test cases on first party titles for the PS3 before launch.
Tested Fat Princess (Patch Update) and MLB 2010: The Show on the PS3.
Online Support moderation on first-party titles for the PS3, PS2, and PSP.

Sony Computer Entertainment America – San Diego, CA
Artist Intern, July 2009 – October 2009
Optimized assets and textures to a lower resolution for ModNation Racers PSP.
Recreated racetracks, props, LODs, and transferred animations to low-poly characters.
Participated in recording live movements to rotoscope animations in Motionbuilder.

E Factor MediaSan Diego, CA
Texture Artist Intern, March 2009 (One-month internship)
It’s Your Choice  – Educational Game, for the California Council on Economic Education
The company was awarded the  Adobe 2009 MAX Honorable Mention Award in the Social Responsibility Category

Midway Home EntertainmentSan Diego, CA
Focus Tester, April 2008 – July 2008 (on-call basis)
TNA Impact! (PS3/Xbox 360/Wii), Blitz: The League II (PS3/Xbox 360)


Additional Experience

Three Horizons Productions, LLCScottsdale, AZ
Freelance 3D Modeler, Jan 2010  – Aug 2010
• Modeled a Mamiya C330 Camera for Out of Focus, a short independent film.
• Created two environments, using distorted objects in Maya, for vfx shots.
• UV mapped the base layouts of the camera model and environments for the Texture Artists.

San Diego Game Art & Design Meetup GroupSan Diego, CA
Volunteer Organizer, Sept 2011 – Sept 2014
• Organized events and social gatherings for game developers, artists, hobbyists, and enthusiasts looking to work in the games industry.
• The meetups focus on professional networking in the games industry, ranging from casual events to presentations and lectures.




3DS Max

Unreal Engine 4
Substance Designer

Substance Painter
Marmoset Toolbag 2

Headus UV Layout
Quixel Suite


Platt College, San Diego, CA
Bachelor of Science in Media Arts, 3D Animation – 2009